How to add a Reddit comment or post as Testimony

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How to get Reddit comment or post url

  1. Go to Reddit post or comment you want to get link for. (This link will be used to import testimony)

  2. Click the share option on the post or comment like below.

  1. Click the option "Copy link".

  2. The link has been copied to your clipboard.

Note: Please pay attention to the Reddit url format when you paste it below.

Testimony directly from Reddit

Social Testimony is designed to be intuitive by itself, and as such most options are just a click away.

Follow the below steps :

  1. Login to Social Testimony App.

  2. Go to option "Testimony Wall" on the Menu.

  3. Click on the Testimony Wall you want a new Testimony added to.

  4. After coming to customization page, click button "Add Testimony".

  5. Select the type as "Reddit" in the modal window.

  6. Type the Reddit url and click button "Import"

  7. Refresh the page and your Testimony from Reddit is ready.