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How to get Playstore url

  1. Open Playstore


  2. Search for your app on Playstore

    eg, telegram

  3. Select your app on Playstore

    eg, We selected "Telegram"

  4. Copy the complete URL.

Playstore Reviews Import

Remember : To copy the full expanded url

Testimony directly from Playstore Reviews

Social Testimony is designed to be intuitive by itself, and as such most options are just a click away.

Playstore reviews can only be fetched as newest 10. And we only filter and store 4 star+ reviews.

The reviews from Playstore is marked as draft by default and needs to be enabled.

Follow the below steps :

  1. Login to Social Testimony App.

  2. Go to option "Testimony Wall" on the Menu.

  3. Click on the Testimony Wall you want a new Testimony added to.

  4. After coming to customization page, click button "Add Testimony".

  5. Select the type as "Playstore" in the modal window.

  6. Paste the Playstore url from above step and click button "Import"

    Note: Fetching Playstore reviews is highly restricted due to cost we incur.

  7. Select the country your app is in on Playstore from the dropdown.

  8. Playstore Reviews will get scheduled to be fetched.

  9. Go to "Task Queue" tab to check the status of scheduled task.

  10. After the task is moved to "success" status, you can click on "Go to wall" and check the imported reviews in "Draft" section.